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Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 5:00am EST
and the election she has been given until tuesday to step down. >>> preserving powers for the military they talk about egypt, plus. >> i'm rob reynolds in bangladesh of the appalling conditions in this country's cannerys. >> i'm with sport including. >> they were some of the best young players they have ever seen and now they celebrate their success. ♪ the prime minister told the country she will do anything to stop the violence but cannot accept the demands of protesters and she was speaking after another day of violence in bangkok where people are trying to force her out of office and unhappy when she tried to introduce an amnesty law and brother and former brother return to the country. these are live pictures from bangkok where there has been violence between police and protesters already, people are on the streets but the rallies has not gained momentum in the past few days and there is an olive branch and she says she is open to talks. >> translator: i insist on opening every avenue to find the solution and i'm open for negotiations. police officers will not use violence but it's necess
Dec 2, 2013 4:00pm EST
farlane is at the live desk. >> tom sherwood reporting that vincent gray is planning to run for re-election. he signed up for petitions to do so. the 71-year-old mayor completing his first term and will run for a second term as mayor of d.c. if he does run, if the reports are true, he would be running against many of his former council colleagues, several of them that announced their intention to run. vincent gray signing up for petitions to run. he is on the scene and we'll have more details shortly. i'm scott macfarlane. >> thank you, scott. veronica joins us. cloudy start to the week. >> yeah, get your eraser out. maybe that will help matters. we are looking at socked in conditions. we have cloudy skies out there now. we are going to see fog form during the overnight that could cause issues for tomorrow morning. there's the gray sky. the scaffolding comes down. we have not one, but two weak weather systems messing with us today. one off the coast of north carolina. we have another weather front advancing eastward. showers in western pennsylvania and northwestern virginia showing up now. the other thin
Dec 9, 2013 8:30am EST
should sue us for trademark infringement. despite the election results, there are two schools of thought in the gop. there seem to be two schools of thought on practically every issue today in the gop. but as it comes to elections and how to win elections, one group thinks that what republicans need to do is get more of the base out. another group that i belong to thinks that what we have to do is grow the base. we can't just rely on traditional republican voters. and what i believe is that old, straight, white male voters just ain't what they used to be. and don't get me wrong, i love old, straight, white males. i'm married to one. [laughter] i'm friends with some. [laughter] i've even voted for several. but they're just not winning elections these days. and that is a reality. the demographic trends are just not swinging in their favor. demography matters in politics. that's what jeb bush said yesterday if new york when i was with him. mitt romney got 27% of the latino vote. the percentage of latino voters is increasing, and the percentage of white voters is decreasing. and i know that
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am EST
of everything. it is a different philosophy than a republican would have. that if romney were elected, we would be coming out of this by now. with all this government regulation and the government goes -- the government knows best and comes first, as sky has never worked hard. arrogant,most polarizing, racist president we have ever had. the only people making excuses for him are the morally weak and politically correct liberal white apologists and the plaque -- and the black racists in the name of political correctness. everyone else is realistic enough to see the frog has dissipated and this guy is a total fraud. he will go down as one of the worst presidents this country has ever had. he does not care about the pain the americans are going through. >> joe from new york, good morning. caller: good morning. thank he was right 10 years ago when he said increasing domestic oil wouldtion in north dakota stimulate and create jobs. i remember senator kerry was opposed to that. now it and it up being right because every million barrels we produce here, we generate $60 billion per year in reve
Dec 2, 2013 7:00am PST
elections were held on december first nineteen ninety one president are soft enough to buy it when the election is over ninety percent of both the voter turnout was almost ninety percent. in the first years of the young state he was important to joint efforts to soften the economic and social problems. during this challenging years as often as a buyer always spoke of the need to go to a strong and confident woman capable of adopting effect the loss of the country needed new political transformations as the economy grew. the two thousand and seven the president proposed in march the consumption can expand the authority of the fall of the constitutional reform was scared out of the initiative of the soul cannot survive the lead for the system was changed to parliament received extra leverage on the government and the political parties and non governmental sector started playing with her walls in defining the policies and finding the solution. in fact some of the presidential powers were given to the prom today we have a bye camaro parliament which present three political parties incl
Dec 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
. the opposition the stabilizing the digits into the elected leadership will write about what's going on doesn't live up to revelation but a well planned action. i think they will pay for the presidential elections in spring twenty fifteen will have to start early. we can see well pad in all the noise minutes and greets. the opposition is either not always in control of what's going on. or is this an express route to goal extremist actions with me next but i seldom occurs suspect a little early he says the opposition come very quickly from them on the eu trade deal to fight to overthrow the government it's quite clear now that will be what is being an auntie is the threat the government via the spread of the democratically elected the kids in the gulf and a decision the government made a decision about the things that they would not get to go ahead and to take the hint when you feed you. now that was the intelligent due to the people didn't and don't agree that that stupid. then the one to deal with at least a campaign even in an election. does any of the fourteen months ago and for adulthood
Al Jazeera America
Dec 9, 2013 1:00pm EST
yanukovych who, of course, these protestors want out and new elections taking place, has offered the possibility of talks. the opposition initially have said, we're not prepared to talk. when we're hemmed in by your riot police. but i think with katherine ashton's arrival, there is a possibility, at least account, that the -- at least, that the warg factions in this dispute might move towards talking to each other. that will certainly be her aim. and it's also, i think, although one can never be sure about these things, that while she is here, perhaps the authorities will not move against the protestors who are still camped out here, as we were saying, and also occupying city hall. >> they are camped out in what are freezing conditions. it's been snowing there for most of the day, as far as we can see. how long can they keep this going bearing in mind they have the threat of people moving in and the freezing conditions to deal with? >> well, it's extraordinary. some of these people have been here for more than two weeks. they're living in tents. and they don't have the latest pol
Dec 3, 2013 5:30am PST
thrilling presidential elections. it was unclear whether the opposition will get the required two hundred and twenty six most in the four hundred and fifty seat parliament. the opposition controls about one hundred and fifty cc and independents hold thirty five the governing party of regions has been losing support of its own members protests have been held daily in kyiv since president baked again until that backed away from an agreement that would have established fleet race and deep and political cooperation between ukraine and the eu. hundreds of protesters continue to rally in ukraine despite the freezing temperatures demonstrations have been held daily since ukrainian president viktor yanukovich this decision could get a deal to close its highest with the european union allow the president is defending his decision not to sign this deal the channel has a smile most discontinued in central kiev independence square on monday nights dinner includes the woodstock police force if they try to freak us out here in independence square peaceful protesters and we don't want any complex the st
Dec 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
and prosperity and elected representatives of the ukrainian people made their choice deciding against giving the government in no confidence slapped down for the defeated opposition it was back to the streets if the democratic process will force the government out that the protesters today everywhere. like eating official buildings are likely keep the protest. one in the west calls of encouragement. the supporters of euro integration must remain for and seize the momentum of the protest this is the only way to continue to cook to make concessions. while labour in particular seems to be paying especially close attention to events in ukraine the european union needs you and you need the european union. and if you need it you will be with your husband has always regarded ukraine has since backed down to it as i would say neo imperialist designs on ukraine with some polish may be hoping for is a repeat of the events of two thousand for the country stood still for a month in support of the western backed the condition fact that things have changed over the years. the orange revolution works becau
Dec 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
the japanese government bonds an immediate election now. that puppy off the set up a position called for nationwide general strike and they continue to surround them to update the governmental the pop and soul our ministry to buildings day in the center of tea after that bought the ukrainian security service to say that investigates an awful they are courting an attempt to seize power in the country and is also much on sunday thathe use of foreign policy representative catherine ashton is set to be sixty s later this week to try a doubt find a political solution to the crisis on the home and really has been voiced by support from european officials as my colleague every negative stuff about reports i love the image racing and staff on the streets. but for some reason teens independence square has captured the minds of politicians from him and he was seated there the opposition leaders. to speak for the crowds. and yet oew seem to hav made the pasta cured fm both sides from the country runners and their supporters there was a statistic retrieve states we stand with the people of ukrai
Dec 5, 2013 2:00pm PST
elected president in this country in 1994. he will lie there for three days. the first day will be for vips and visitors coming in from around the world, to come pay their respects. ordinary south africans are expected to line up of course to come and say good-bye to the man they call the father of this nation. then on day nine, so whether that is friday or saturday next week, he will be flown by military aircraft, accompanied by his family to his ancestral homestead in the eastern cape region. this is where he said he wanted to be buried, where his final resting place is to be. the hills, the rural area where he grew up as a barefoot young boy walking and shepherding sheep through the hills. he had a very nostalgic memory of those times and he very much wanted to be laid to rest there. so the funeral will take place in this grand amphitheater of rural south africa, really not much around there, so expect to see heads of state, royalty from around the world make this incredible journey not just to the southern tip of africa, but to this rural homestead and it's there that t
Dec 6, 2013 5:00am PST
in as president after the country's first multi racial elections the nineteen ninety nine he had been due to his trusted friend becky the band was still active until he finally said good byes to the ice in the eye in two thousand and four. i am if i have to form dvds. for the place. to know what this record. in the face numerous fights including the african states. in the life of one of this out. i know all those also who came late. he began hosting the twenty ten football world cup he said that dad built into the red you you you this. with that we do. i do. he said. his health was failing but he still welcome this to some tunes american fans lady michelle obama took in the open. former us president bill clinton but his ninety fourth birthday. in november twenty two of the national bank but nonetheless based on the new nets. by now it was recognized with respect to all of the well i have been the two. a whole. and then use the content of the people who are really nice. that too the acorn be auctioned to the community. i honor her. i find a stall is showing no signs of weakening in all your effor
Dec 3, 2013 10:30am PST
and great saves by the uk border agency. this election. it's after the rush to enjoy new venue with a friend or family saloon before the office parking lot i can rest in the know what's going on and on the one kind of style when asked if he was accosted us and they don't know what's happening. in or near the tipping cushioned by the scholars who may know i can buy them so the uk border agency in states that any immigration sexy carries out looking for a needle black kids were always intended since that's the difference is obvious the mystery say they need the procedure is one fine day during the raids in fact some of the intended result in any address more than that. but the frequency of heart is heavy handedness of the immigration officials see you on the side and the chain rule of the business has been shot down in protest against what they set with discrimination from the uk border agency since this is genuine frustration anger and the little note to self funder. the level of a discontent you like. it was effective. in the number of people who sought to exclude to close the distance to su
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am EST
looks to make gains in key elections. we'll be in dehli in just over half an hour. >>> and move over, detroit. tensions are moving to other regions drowning in debt, including puerto rico. what it could mean. if you've got any thoughts or comments about anything we're talking about today, e-mail us, the ecb today will be presenting new growth and inflation forecasts alongside the announcement of its latest policy decision. the central bank said it expected a slight rise in inflation in 2014 and '15 and predicated a rise in in inflation across the upper row zone next year. annette is with us now. they cut rates last month. the euro hasn't weakened. we had sharp divergence between germany and france. what do they do now? >> that's a good question, actually, probably. today they won't do anything. we might see more moving towards potential further easing next year. as well, of course, that wouldn't be their first agenda to weaken the euro a little bit towards the dollar. they would never admit that. but it would actually help around the periphery of the eurozone. as
Dec 6, 2013 3:00am PST
train workers and volunteers who would conduct the first multiracial elections in south africa. he was authentic. he was a giant. you know, when you were around him, you felt very special. he was joyful. he had a sense of humor, but there was this dignity about him, this strength about him. i will always remember his grace and his courage. >> and to donna's point, john, i want to bring you in. she talks about him being a giant. .headlines, these are one of the days you are looking at the headlines. "usa today" saying the death of a giant. you were there when nelson mandela was inaugurated in 1994. you've also covered many world events but you will never forget that moment. why? >> professionally it was the most powerful thing i've ever seen in my life. i say professionally because i carve out a special spot for my children. if you think of the day of inauguration, u.s. vice president al gore led the delegation. the ceremony was outside in what they call the union building, parliament building. it was the most dramatic, powerful moment of south african military brass, white generals
Dec 2, 2013 8:00pm EST
for him particularly to have the mandate of a popular election as the only appointed president almost a president with ans a terrific next to his name. >> she may have supported the bid for the white house. when she first met him she didn't know he was getting a politician. >> that's what she said. it's hard to believe she was notely naive. ford was a big man on campus. a local hero. it's not terribly surprising he should decide to go to public life. there's no doubt she was surprised they were married in 1948. >> here is are a agree that. i want to get a request. in after the republican congressional primary, why? >> i think the simple answer is yes. you have to know west michigan to appreciate. west michigan considerably more than now was a culturally conservative place. a place with the dutch reform church held sway. and certainly always a fiscal conservative. never the less, was running against an entrenched republican incumbent. an eyelationallist who opposed the plan. ford was one of the world war ii returning veterans who had seen the consequences of american isolationism. and
Dec 3, 2013 11:00am PST
to allow the presidential elections in april twenty fourteen there are concerns that without an agreement afghan forces could struggle to cope with the ongoing taliban islamist militant insurgency following the al qaeda inspired beyond eleven attacks on new york and the painted in the us and its allies invaded but the drop and afghanistan america's two thousand three attack on iraq led to the demise of dictator saddam hussein was two thousand and one afghan invasion resulted in the collapse of the hardline taliban regime in view. thus taking some epic it is time to add to its nuances to dish up the nation nt at the manx on the senate great to get beads was a comic a day and acting like a giant menorah at one of the continent's nice just teaches stopping seen since how to set everything to be separate from the kit so that the kids are great but makes it so that it is a miracle each other because in the eighteen week twenty thirty years people read this and feel. today you have people living with religious freedom to debate the way we set a break on the case outside so that is pretty choppy
Dec 9, 2013 2:30pm PST
that were involved in the economic life of the country. schoumacher: roosevelt was elected on a platform willing to break with the past. in his inaugural address, roosevelt pledged to establish a sound domestic economy, even at the expense of international financial stability. roosevelt: our international trade relations, though vastly important, are secondary to the establishment of a sound national economy. schoumacher: within six weeks, fdr acted on this pledge. he abandoned the gold standard. the result -- u.s. exports became cheaper, more jobs were created. though it would take years for the great depression to end, a critical step toward recovery had begun. the roosevelt administration was willing to move in new directions to get the couny working again. fdr helped restore america's competitive position in exports and encouraged recovery by breaking off from the cherished gold standard. we asked economic analyst richard gill what was so important about the gold standard in the first place? what was really lost when it was abandoned? the gold standard was cherished historically for
Dec 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
the first democratically elected president. once that process is over on day nine essentially of this program, he will be flown by military aircraft along with the elders vip political figures and his family, which is large, they'll be flown down to his hometown and then the military, the state will effectively hand over his body, his coffin, his casket to the family at the get as of the homeinstead, i think from what we understand there will be a shift from moving the south african flag to putting a blanket over his casket, which will symbolize him coming home to his ancestral land. then there will be atate funeral in the ground of his ancestral home in the hills where he walked and played as a young child. so there really is a sense of a full circle of life here going back to those rural roots. >> so many.iant moments to come. thank you so much, such good work. such a long day four. we appreciate it. thank you. >>> and president barak obama paid his respects tog during a televised event. he credits mr. mandela with his first political action company against apartheid. this i
Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 1:00pm EST
to resolve this crisis is through early presidential and parliamentary elections. we want a new confidence resolution in the government of ukraine. this government should resign. >> pictures have emerged from sunday night that show that police were at times brutal in their treatment of protestors and journalists. anton was among dozens who were beaten by police. this is all that's left of his camera. officials say 35 were hurt by police, some in hospital. grim routine of life and a cold winter, this is where we met tatiana, selling cabbage and very much in favor of political change. >> now it's time to wake up. i'm grateful to the protestors. i want my children and grandchildren to have better lives. >> back in independence square, people are prepared for another long night. in speech after speech, they say ukraine is part of europe. >> there is no sign that protestors are prepared to leave independence square. so the government has to make a decision. whether to stay away, in the hope that things just eventually fizzle out, or to send police into the square and remove these protestors by
Al Jazeera America
Dec 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
election wasn't enough. >> translator: dissolving parliament doesn't matter. we have come here because we want to restore the monarchy and the nation. dissolving parliament won't solve the country's problems. >> the protestors are backed by the opposition democrat party which has failed to win the last five elections. a trend that's likely to continue in the next vote. now, the people here say they want to eradicate the so-called regime of thaksin shinawatra, the former prime minister accused of abusing his power. the prime minister at the time that they were trying to force out was watsuwat can brother-in-law of thaksin shinn watt. he delivered another fiery speech in front of tens of thousands of supporters. and repeated his call for a reform committee to rub the country. >> this means that from now on, the people will appoint a people's prime minister and a people's government. from now on we'll have the people's council having the legislating, no longer the government which is no longer the in power. >> the interim government is in power and the protestors seem like they're settling i
Dec 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
, my god, that is the title. elected up on the amazon and of the various book catalogs i could find. no one is ever used the title. such an obvious title it also is the title betty essentially gives me into a lot of trouble. i find a very good way of bringing yourself to enter for taking this of town a bigger to is to look and amazon one star reviews. one star reviews, when they say, this is the most boring book and never read in my life. there is 11 star review at the moment from a woman he says, i am an unabashed militant feminist and and so appalled by the fact is called the men who united the rates. so i get no one star of you without even being read. but her view is one that i anticipated. why is it all made? the fact is, the reality is that in the physical united states of america it has been the business, almost entirely, man. there's only one woman who appears in the story, and that is sacajawea analysts in kaj saga. otherwise i'm afraid to say women play and sillery rules. in other an important role and other aspects of america, but not in the physical union of the nation.
Dec 5, 2013 5:30pm PST
the snowstorm. deputy prime minister said the arkansas has not ruled out fresh elections the protesters are unlikely to be persuaded by state wages. they vow to stay put until the government has resigned. during chunky in my car's hundred and nine michael was a change in the dynamic aptitude test and today. today it was at quite calm on my guns away on this grant independence to just behind me and as usual as to what's preventing delay so that gets them all people live streaming and that actual trend of people from kiev the middle class people who joined in the eye during the day maybe go about their daily business during the day at sea them mainly working class people he said people who dropped everything and every chance that outside the sec's even to come here and they tell me that actually find them at seventeen survival that they are without jobs without hats with a bit and that's why they have that come to kiev to think of my journey the us and other western nations helping the situation people are taking to the streets in kiev. it was sir sydney at the very sense of confidence sa
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am PST
with the general election less than two years away the eye. long us senator john mccain has traveled to tripoli to welcome the prime minister ali zito place to track down those responsible for the deaths of four americans in the twenty twelve and kasey kahne split attack while those behind the attack remain unpunished stayed on till the senator that investigations will resume as soon as the security situation in batangas in groups in gaza continues to experience a wave of violence from our minds aed militant groups two years after the revolution which saw the demise of more copies forty two year rule. we can confirm that the us pledge to train libyan troops and the stability can only be achieved outside aid the attack on the us embassy in d c attracted much attention and criticism for its inconsistency. witness accounts conflict with the version released by the us in question were made and what really happened on the night to temper eleven points while president obama and his administration have been criticized for being out of time it took them to acknowledge the fact that islamic militants st
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
degree from celebrate the legacy of money he was elected. the first take the role of december to fifteen skies expected to be buried in a private family cemeteries company in accordance with his wishes look they just raise my endeavors and his robot time the giants of justice to the most loving tribute cd to come from united kingdom when laura smith. the south african embassy in the topic buildings all around to face the facts the flying hoff mosques to mark the death of nelson mandela. halt the mini and south africans living in this country and some of them accompanied to the nbc today alex and kate should be its teeth and coughing up my data and cooked to beat the flooding in from elsewhere see the royal family prince when he and friend tom holt as coles had an extraordinary and inspiring man. the queen has taken the snow to be talking of the great wall she feels when she thinks of months out of saying he weds time to think that his country and that these legacy is the peaceful south africa that we see today. i'm too difficult to beat the flooding in from pool a of the twelve lead in t
Dec 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
despite that results a delegation of skilled park schools for snap election his deed. buddha will grow in him and make that choice for a country with his. in freedom. these are the new rule will never know when to call for a minute. every democratic country. every time. it's my job or was it about time for that. well the opposition continued at the age of sets and government buildings despite the tight deadline set by the government considered to be outside buildings is living option expires on tuesday amid allegations of support for the opposition comes despite pleas from brains prime minister outside interference is still well as the protests they look set to continue into the evening k behind me with allies now on sunday when organizes type that up to one million people from all of the ukraine could descend on the council though their us a german mep one european politicians the colors in up to ukraine's opposition now. it's not the game instead of crying. i forgot there's just so would their sunday there etf if the protesters. i log on and he wants that the us assessment team and t
Dec 1, 2013 9:00pm EST
. it is saying one thing before the election and another thing as prime minister. here is what the hon. member for richmond park said about him. he likes reading out tweets, so listen to this one. "if the pm can casually drop something that was so central to his identity, he can drop anything. #greencrap." that is this prime minister all over. the truth is that any action he takes on the cost of living crisis is because he has been dragged there kicking and screaming. on the cost of living crisis, he is not the solution -- he is the problem. nobody believes that he or his cabinet have any sense of the pressures facing the people of britain. >> i think everyone can recognise a collapse when they see one, and we just saw one right now. is it not interesting? the week before the autumn statement, and he cannot ask about the economy because it is growing, he cannot ask about the deficit because it is falling. he cannot ask about the numbers in work because they are rising. people can see that we have a long-term plan to turn our country around, and people can also see him sitting in his room, desp
Al Jazeera America
Dec 5, 2013 10:00am EST
to the ballot box. >> yeah, elections are on the horizon. ever since he became prime minister and gave his first speech some years ago now, custody cameron had a look at the man who wanted to do something systemic in britain and change things into the indefinite future. whether you agree or not with what they have done, half a million people have been using food banks in britain this year. that's unheard of. they've said they will continue the austerity program straight through, even in the budgets directly before those budgets the start of 2015 and will be judged on it. they are slightly behind in the polls, but there are many voices here from the left in politics, as well as from the right who say that unless the opposition labor party can come up with much better proposals than they have at the moment, they could win outright. if they do, they have a free range to carry this on into the indefinite future. >> thank you. the european union warns of a major security threat to people traveling to fight in syria. interior ministers from several countries are worried the, is getting closer to home.
Dec 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
the right to work. then he led the election. he didn't just leave, circumstances change. the freedom of that change with global opinion. >> i was in college when he was freed, rick, and you have this sense, especially looking back historically, that he's released and all is well. and that was the opposite of actually what was the case. when chris hani was an anc leader, was murdered, that was a seminole moment. you talked about when then mandela goes to f.w. de klerk and says, you have to stop this or virtually everything will go off the rails. >> and he went on television in south africa that night rather than de klerk ask showed that he was the father of the nation. as you know, i was with him when his father was murdered. we were in kuno, had just taken an early morning walk, the phone rang and he picked it up and got the news. he was on the phone for about 15 minutes, his expression never changed. he put down the phone and turned to me with a little ex aspiration and said, man, where is our porridge? he was so calm in a crisis and then he rose to that. he said that was when south
Dec 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
elected president of all south africans. i know that i speak on behalf of people in my constituency, holborn and st pancras, because they have a very special relationship with the anti- apartheid movement. the movement was founded at a meeting of about 60 people in holborn hall in the summer of 1959. its first leaflets were distributed a fortnight later outside camden town underground station. its headquarters were always located in our area, and it always had our support. local people were particularly delighted when mr mandela came to camden town in july 2003 to unveil a blue plaque in memory of ruth first, who was murdered by the south african secret police, and joe slovo, who was a member of president mandela's first cabinet. i am delighted that his daughter gillian slovo is here to observe our proceedings. over many years, committed people in britain campaigned against apartheid, the trials of the leaders of the african national congress and the imprisonments that followed. they continued to campaign against the oppression of all black south africans and of all the other people
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am EST austerity for the 17 months before the elections in your neck of the woods, it looks like they are sticking with austerity. forecasts are a little more bullish than they were this time last year. >> hans, we are looking at apple and china. a huge story. apple will be able to sell their network inside china mobile. some 800 million customers, subscribers. that is seven times bigger than verizon. the question is, will they have any dropped calls? >> talk about the ecb and a moment. let's stay with tech. the google backed bill set for the house vote in washington. are a variety of efforts to regulate and on attand what is going google. anytime the u.s. gets involved, you can expect that it is a first step. if we do see progress on this legislation today, this is just a first step. a lot more has to happen. google's lobbyists can influence whatever comes out of it. --central-bank staff. central banks day, ecb and boe. >> we have got the u.k. at noon london time and then draghi at :45 frankfurt time. what more can draghi do? what will they give for inflation and economic growth forecasts? since
Dec 6, 2013 9:00am PST
south africa's first multi racial election he helped welcome the 19959 rugby world cup to south africa. then would he won it. it couldn't have been a better story. his soccer legacy though came years later when south africa was awarded the honor of saging the 2010 world cup finals. the ailing former leader was there at the end of it all. it he didn't attend the early part. let's bring in cnn sports. i was honored. i got to go there, cover it. it was awesome. it was such a thrill for a football fan. talk about mandela's role in getting the world cup to south africa and what it meant. >> for nelson mandela, sport was everything and allowed for harmony he brought across everybody. it allowed for hope to be generated through sport where there might not have been hope ever before and he was very instrumental in being there in 2004 when fifa awarded south africa the ability to host the world cup and then you're looking at him here in 2010 and that was a major moment. the crowd gave him a standing ovation and everybody in the stadium could actually -- it was described as kind of spine tinglin
Dec 7, 2013 6:05pm EST
in the 1944 election. and joe kennedy says to harry truman, 'harry, what are you doing working for that crippled sob who killed my son joe?' c-span: there's a woman that is always around fdr in your book, someone named margaret suckley, daisy suckley. who was she and where did you get the information about her? >> guest: daisy suckley was a distant cousin of roosevelt. c-span: she's in the middle in this picture. >> guest: let me take a little closer look. yes. and daisy suckley was a person who roosevelt would confide in, things that he would not tell to anybody else. he felt perfectly comfortable. because she adored him, he knew he had her absolute trust. so he to--he told her things that, for example, would have very much surprised other members of the--of the roosevelt team, one of which was the state of fdr's health. from the last year at least of fdr's life, he w--he was a dying man. he had been examined at the bethesda naval center by cardiologists that realized he had astronomic blood pressure, that he was suffering from hardened--hardening of the arteries. amazingly, r
Dec 3, 2013 10:00am EST
one that would require and tsa to spend all the loose change elected at airports. live house coverage when they return here on c-span. at the white house today, president obama is holding a meeting with the president of colombia. the two leaders will talk about the economy, and trade relations. the white house says the president will highlight the benefits of the 2010 law as the sign up on the insurance exchanges enters into third month. live coverage of the president's on c-span 3.:30 we hear from republican leaders after the republican conference meeting this morning. good morning, everybody. republicans continue to stay focused on the economy. the american people want us to do everything we can to strengthen the economy so there are more jobs and higher wages available. this week we will take further steps to strengthen our economy. the president's health care law continues to wreak havoc on , smalln families businesses, and our economy. it is not just a broken website. this bill was fundamentally flawed. causing people to lose the doctor of their choice, causing them to lose their
Dec 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
of agreement on those areas, or to give only in an election year. host: turning away from the budget, the house is expected to adjourn on friday, and the senate shortly thereafter. a lot of high-profile legislation hanging in the balance. tell us about what is likely to make it to before the end of the 113th congress? that ishe only thing completely likely to get through it is a new defense authorization act. there will be a lot of interesting debates to watch on that to see what gets included. one thing we will watch is to see whether any legislation sanctioning iran is added to the bill. the administration is doing everything it can to prevent congress from doing that, but a lot of members are still interested in adding sanctions, sending signals they are not interested in the deal obama wants to sign onto. also the farm bill. negotiators are trying to reach an agreement. if they cannot get a deal, they will have to at least extend existing spending so that is something that can be done. the senate is here for an extra week. they will look at a lot of nominations, particularly after the filib
FOX Business
Dec 5, 2013 9:20am EST
at election time. you have a small employers, many of them are getting pretty staggering renewals and many are taking advantage of the early renewal especially in the small group market, under 50 employees. they will have to face obamacare for 2015 and what we are hearing again is big increases. once you have a smaller employer market being hit by the same things the individual health market is being hit by, preexisting condition and medical underwriting reforms, china benefit level you have to have with obamacare and the age rating changes hitting the small group the same way. i talked to a small hill insurance broker the other day that has 90 plans. they can't do early renewal where he is and he is telling me he is seeing red increases between 15%, and 60% with the average rate increase in the small market being 30%. stuart: give us some clarity on another issue that is emerging, the transfer of information from my account in my personal information into the obamacare website. the transfer of the information from me to the insurer. i understand the error rate is enormous and that is wher
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